Macy McNeely


CEO vs. Owner

Did you know the CEO and Owner are 2 very different people that wear 2 very different hats?

Even if you are the same person – the CEO and Owner – you must wear 2 different hats depending on what you are doing.

The CEO is the person that executes.

The owner is the person with equity and ownership.

The CEO executes based on what the owner’s intent is.

If the owner’s intent is to sell the business one day, the CEO will execute and run the business based on that.

The owner’s intent could also be to create wealth, pass down to kids, create value, make it a lifestyle business, etc. Whatever the intent is, the CEO executes.

The owner is thinking much more long term, while the CEO makes the hard decisions based on what that long term plan is.

Just because something is working right now, if it doesn’t align with the long term vision of the owner, it will fall apart.

You cannot have a strategy or a vision WITHOUT the intention of the owner. It is critical.

This 100% applies to your life, your health, your business – everything.

You have one hat to wear thinking long term, and one to wear on executing the long term.

I will be sharing all things on how to keep this in mind while making your vision board next week! 

Click HERE to learn how to create your vivid vision and owner’s intent before making your yearly vision board!

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