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building your value

Building Your Value

“Why would anyone want to use me?” 

It’s easy to think that. It’s easy to think “little ole me… I am not special. 100 people could probably do it better.”

First and foremost: that is not true.

At all.

 You are unique. You are special. You are full of value.

 One thing I like to remind people is your tilt is special. Anyone could copy what you do. It’s true! They could literally copy and paste your business model, your formula, your ideas, etc., but they will never be able to communicate how you communicate. 

The way you communicate comes from your tilt. Your tilt is your perspective, your experiences, your values, your beliefs – things only you can speak from.  

For example, our tilt is Good is Cool. Everything we do, we lean on that tilt. Any content we might share, we stop and ask “does this align with our Good is Cool tilt?” It’s the spirit of what we do that makes us different.

So, what is your tilt? How can you lean into that to build your value? 

Start by making a list of the things you believe. Send it to me at so we can talk about it!

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