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Austin and I had a super busy weekend. We were out of town from Thursday-Sunday afternoon. We had a rehearsal dinner, wedding, UGA game and spent time with his family in Athens, Ga. Monday morning came around and I just needed to grab a couple of things that would get us through 3 days in a healthy way.

I got eggs to boil them. Such an awesome breakfast on the go or just a little protein snack! Avocado to eat with the eggs or on a piece of my 60 calorie toast.

I used to be protein bar OBSESSED. I loved them. They were like dessert to me. But have you seen the ingredients? Not awesome. So, I only buy bars when I am traveling. I like to stick to plant-based bars if I can. I tried these for the first time, they were alright. I recommend the protein bar at the very top. I also really love square bars. GF and vegan. Chocolate covered coconut is my favorite flavor.


Just because these strawberries looked so pretty! The berries from Sprouts always look better than anywhere else. I’m really into fruit as my sweet treat. Stick to berries for the antioxidants! 🙂


I found this at Sprouts and it was SO GOOD! Austin liked it in a sandwich and I loved it with spicy mustard (because I’m a spice fairy)  and a couple of pickles or or in a salad! I couldn’t be bothered to cook that week so it was perfect. As the holidays are approaching, I hope this is helpful as to what to grab to make-do until you arrive to your destination! 


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