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I believe we can change and create the destiny of our life by choosing to live an intentional lifestyle.

When I started making consistent small deposits into vital areas of life, my self belief came alive. And I KNOW it will do the same for you. Learn more here

I lead a Good Is Cool® lifestyle and aim to share that message with the world. During the tough times of middle and high school, my parents started to teach me what it really meant to be ‘cool.’ Over the years, I have turned it into my mantra and everything I do stems from this movement. 

I am a speaker, sales trainer and founder of Daily Deposit®. I live in the suburbs of Atlanta with my husband, Austin, and my mini dachshund, Cookie. I graduated from the University of Georgia and love spending game days in Athens. People would say I am ‘family obsessed’ and I can’t disagree. I love my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, my niece and nephew, and my in-laws dearly. There is no greater joy I feel than when spending time with them.

I am passionate about wellness, entrepreneurship, sales training, personal development and relational well-being. I love all things hair, makeup, skin care, Lululemon, coffee, fashion and home decor.

I firmly believe that everyone is in sales. Another word for sales is ‘influence’ or ‘persuasion.’ If you are a parent, you are persuading your kids. If you are a coach, you are persuading your team. If you are an artist, you’re persuading your fans. If you are a teacher, you’re persuading your students. If you sell a product or service, you’re persuading your leads.

It is a mindset and a culture. You should have a professional sales culture in your home. A professional sales culture is positive, it’s uplifting, there is no gossip or negative talk, you are helping others solve their problems and you are a trusted advisor. You persuade people to do what’s genuinely best for them. This is the culture I grew up in. My dad, Loy Day, has been putting together a professional sales training for the last 30 years. He teaches it to his staff every year and made this the culture of our home. When he taught me this material, something clicked. I saw these sales techniques woven into my childhood. Not to mention, my life turned upside down. My wellness business quadrupled, my relationships changed and my communication improved. I looked at him and said, “Dad, people need this. Especially those my age. We have to teach it.” That is when our sales training, GUIDE Culture™, previously Clearly Confident, was born. Our mission at GUIDE Culture™ is to help you build confidence, culture and communication through effective techniques. Learn more here

I’ve created the Daily Deposit® practice to use daily to boost my self growth and deepen my relationships. The Relational Deposit helps your relationships come alive through positive encouragement. The Personal Deposit helps develop the winner inside of you through gratitude, personal development and affirmations. Both encourage small daily deposits in your relationships, personal growth and mindset that compound in a big way over time. Click HERE to learn more about this practice.

I am so glad you’re here. Connect with me on my favorite social platform, Instagram: @macymcneely

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