Macy McNeely

psychology of winning

A HUGE Sign Of A Winner

Something that we consistently talk about in GUIDE Culture is considering yourself a soldier.

Think about the qualities of a solider: 

  • Strong

  • Focused

  • Determined

  • Passionate

My favorite quality? The fact that a soldier is absolutely not distracted by civilian affairs. They are there for a reason: to get the job done. Whatever else happens around them, they are not distracted.

When you have a business, there are a lot of things that happen around you. People make fun of you, talk behind your back, question you, you get told ‘no’ – all of these things are civilian affairs. 

But no – not us. We are soldiers. YOU are a solider. You believe in what you do. You know that your product and service can serve people well. You are determined to reach the people that need you. You are passionate about your message. You are focused on growing and being better every day. 

YOU are a winner. Winners are soldiers and they are not distracted by civilian affairs. 

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