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6 Things To Do To Get Back on Track

6 Things To Do To Get Back On Track

Hey There!

Here is a #motivationmonday tip for you!

Do you ever feel like you’re off track? You know, you have one piece of cheesecake and then your world is over???

I get it. I have been there. PLENTY of times.

Here are 6 things I implement in my life when I feel like I get off track.

1.Let go of the guilt

Girls – no matter what you ate, how much you ate or how long it’s been since you’ve exercised, LET IT GO! When you harness guilt, you feel negativity towards healthy eating and exercise. And that’s not the goal!

Let it go. The world goes on!

2. Change your mindset

The minute my mindset went from “diet” to “lifestyle” – everything changed. It just clicked! Life is always going to have something: celebrations, stressful seasons, social events, etc. You can’t get around those things. Wrapping my mind around the fact that I am going to have an oreo every now and then made me relax, not feel so restricted or have that “I’M NEVER GOING TO HAVE ICE CREAM AGAIN” mentality.

Choose healthy things when you can and splurge in moderation with friends and family!

3. No more excuses

I am saying this with a smile, I promise. 🙂

But it’s true. Everyone has work to do, everyone has responsibilities, everyone is going through LIFE! “I’ve got too much going on!” “There is no time for me to workout!” “I am too busy to stop eating oreos!” <<< See how silly that sounds!?

When we let go of that victim mentality – that’s when results happen. Let’s stop thinking about how everything is happening ‘to’ us. The choice is in YOUR hands. Nothing is stopping you from a healthy dinner. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, everyone is busy, yet there are TONS of people who make healthy eating a priority. YOU CAN DO THIS!

4. Change it up

I change up my exercise routine about once a month. I find things that I love and enjoy. They say when you love your job, you never work a day in your life. Same with exercise – when you love what you do, you don’t feel like you are forcing yourself to workout. It is just apart of your life.

This is also where I come in. I LOVE helping people find the type of exercise they enjoy and that’s best for them!

5. No Extremes

Cutting out ‘all carbs and all sugar’ is not maintainable! Your body has been using those carbs for energy, to be able to think and to function. When you take it all away, you can actually get sick! Yikes!

Conquer one habit at a time. When it comes to health and wellness, I have 2 words for you: SLOW and STEADY! Focus on drinking your water. Once that is down, focus on cutting out those little sweets here and there. Then work on a 15 minute home workout. These habits build and eventually become a lifestyle.

6. Focus on the food

If you don’t know where to begin: focus on the food. Whole, nutrient dense food. Also – MEAL PREP! No matter how busy you are, you can meal prep. In fact, being busy is even more of a reason to meal prep! Go to the store on a Saturday, meal prep for about an hour on Sunday and BOOM. Done. Food is ready when you are.

In the same breath – if your friends are going out to mexican… GO! Remember the ‘no extremes’ and ‘it’s a lifestyle mindset’? Don’t stay in your house eating your meal prepped food. Enjoy some chips and salsa with your friends! That’s how your healthy lifestyle remains sustainable!

I hope this helps you refocus your mind! You’ve Got this!

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