Macy McNeely

5 things you can do for your marriage

5 Ways You Can Grow Your Marriage

No matter what your love language is, Relational Deposit will be sure to fill up your love tank.


  • If there were a way you could wake up every morning to a brand new gift, that’s something you would want, isn’t it?  You can. Relational Deposit gives you the gift of knowing how much you are loved. That’s worth more than any bouquet of flowers.

Acts of Service

  • The act of writing a small note is an act of service. Better yet, when you share how appreciative you are of all of their help, they will rise to those expectations and begin to serve you in bigger ways. Even if they aren’t ‘helping,’ find small things you can thank them for. Their desire to help will grow rapidly.

Words of Affirmation

  • Something about seeing words of affirmation on paper is more impactful and special than hearing them out loud. Relational Deposit becomes a keepsake. These special words become something you can refer back to and pass down for generations.

Physical Touch

  • Remember when he sweetly reached for your hand in the car on the way to the grocery store? In your Relational Deposit, tell him that was your favorite part of your day. It will happen again. And again. And again.

Quality Time

  • Knowing they took the time out of their busy, rushed morning to think, reflect and let you know how appreciated and loved you are. Wow! That is quality time well spent.

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