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5 Ways to Crush Thanksgiving Dinner

5 Ways to Crush Thanksgiving Dinner!

\Thanksgiving is approaching and Austin and I will be indulging in Nanny’s good ole’ southern cooking. Let me tell you, it is life changing. I didn’t grow up eating this way and we certainly don’t eat like this often, so, Austin and I will take advantage while we’re there. Here are a couple of tips and tricks I use to avoid over-dosing on cream corn and red-velvet cake…

Tip #1 – Avoid “banking your calories”

  • The natural thought process is to hoard all of your calories before the big meal, right? Wrong. That’s when you go HAM (… lol ‘ham’). I actually like to eat throughout the day and a little something before I go to family’s house for Thanksgiving. This prevents me from being STARVING. I’ll just have a little taste of everything to satisfy my Thanksgiving itch.

Tip #2 – Focus on protein

  • Focus on eating protein throughout the day before Thanksgiving dinner – egg whites, chicken, ground turkey, etc. You will easily fill up your fats and carbs for the day in one sitting with that sweet ‘tater casserole. (My FAV).

Tip #3 – Drink plenty of water

  • Drink plenty of before and after your meal. In doing so before, it keeps you from being so hungry. Afterwards is important so you can start flushing everything out.

Tip #4 – Train legs the next day

  • Legs is the largest muscle group to train. It calls for a lot of complex movements, meaning you work more than one body part at a time. You burn the most calories and will continue to burn the most throughout the day. Might as well put those extra calories to use!

Tip #5 – #noragrets

  • Do not regret a single bite! Enjoy time with your family and the yummy food. Life is too short to beat yourself up! Stress causes weight gain and unhappiness. It’s not worth it. Indulge and get right back on that health kick Friday morning!

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