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5 Days of Gift Guides - Day 1

Gift Guides: Day 1 – Self Tan

Who loves to be tan? If you didn’t say yes you’re CRAY CRAY! Everyone loves to be tan because literally EVERYTHING about you is better – you look more toned, you feel skinner, your clothes look better, your makeup ‘pops’, you hair color is shiny, you look healthy and you glow! I”ve been doing self-tanner since I was in middle school. I know, crazy. It started with cheer competitions. Everyone was required to get a spray tan because the lights washed you out if you didn’t. Once you get a spray tan, you can’t un-see yourself with a tan. You want it all the time.

Here is the way I think about it: when I feel good about myself, I am a better person. I am nicer to people, I am in a better mood, I work harder, I make better decisions, etc. So, to me, self tanner is TOTALLY worth the investment.

Over the years I have tried what seems like thousands of products. I wanted the best and most cost efficient self-tanner. Here is what I have found to be the best of the best:


  1. Bliss Exfoliating Scrub You MUST exfoliate and shave before applying self tan. It gets all of the dead skin off and makes the tan last longer. Any exfoliator will work. This is the one I have used forEVER and I love it.

  2. St. Tropez / Tanning Mit This is the best at-home self-tanner. I have tried them all. It is the best color (truly bronze, not orange), lasts the longest and can become as dark as you want it. Down side: unless you’re an acrobat, you need help putting it on. My mom, college roommates, and now, husband help me blend it well on my back. Don’t be embarrassed – embrace it. Get some help so you can get your glow on, girl.

  3. TANtalizer Need a tan.. like.. now??? Look no further. This is a temporary tan you can put on if you need a little glow last minute. It’s got a little shimmer which I love. TBH: I put this on top of my fake tan because I’m super extra.

  4. Versa Spa When you need a REAL tan – hit up versa spa. When I mean a real tan I mean an actual spray tan. This is the most natural-looking tan I have found, better than mystic, in my opinion. I get these done at Solar Dimensions or Solarium. They have packages at different times – for example they might have a summer sale “buy 6, get 6 free.” The sales are unexpected so make sure you get on their email list!

  5. Body Frosting This is the one makeup product that I buy over and over again. It is awesome. I just finish off my makeup by using a large makeup brush, swiping it on my face and neck to blend everything out.

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