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4 Ways to Eat Healthy When No One Else Will

4 Ways to Eat Well When No One Else Will

Hi, friends!!! Unfortunately my blog has taken the back seat due to clients building up – don’t get me wrong, it’s a great problem to have! They are my priority. I have loved every single second of working with women to reach their full potential. I love it when they realize that they’re  100% capable of living life a new way.

I will admit, the plan takes full commitment and hard work. It is tough to change a life that you’ve lived for, well, your whole life. Once the 4 weeks are over, it’s all about incorporating these new habits into your world. Small changes and small decisions go a long way. In the same breath, small cheats here and there go just as far.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve taken photos of choices that I’ve made that are a little different than “everyone else.” My prayer is that this helps you see that it’s really not that hard. In fact, the more simple you think, the better. Healthy food is all about eating simple… don’t try to make some super fancy dish… all those oils you’ll probably need for the recipe end up making your meal worse than just going through Wendy’s. Not to mention the more simple you eat, the more simple foods you crave. Your mouth will start to water for fresh foods! I hope this inspires you to choose simplicity – in your life and diet!

***Before you continue, Austin wanted me to let you know that he is not obese. I have full permission to use these photos.***

… But really, he eats clean about 75% of the time. He is also very lean and muscular. Men are just made differently than women. It’s so frustrating! The most important thing is to recognize that you and your husband are different and you can’t always have what he’s having. It’s unfortunate, I know. Anyway, please continue!

Example 1:

After a long week/weekend and no groceries, we settled for something quick. Austin was CRAVING pizza. He got a regular cheese,  I got the thin, gluten free crust veggie pizza with no cheese. I know, it sounds weird, but it was really good. Had lots of leftovers, too! It’s not something you should plan in your week, but it’s ok when you’re in a pinch.


Example 2:

Everyone loves Chick-fil-a. My sweet husband can’t get enough of a good ole’ #1 combo. I get a grilled sandwich with no bread and extra pickles. Sometimes I get 2 grilled filets. I might sneak a little Chick-fil-a sauce, too.


Example 3:

Taco night is a staple for us. So easy and quick. Austin has about 4-5 taco shells. I try to stick with the protein (either lean ground beef or lean ground turkey) and maybe a little cheese :). If I had lettuce, avocado or salsa, I would’ve used it.

Example 4:

I work Sunday mornings and I am out the door by 6:30 at the latest. Breakfast is available at the church, but I always, always, ALWAYS make time to whip up a quick meal before I leave. Ezekiel toast with a hard-boiled egg, and rolled oats (yes, plain oats cooked on the stove ) with berries and walnuts. This helps me stay full and not tempted to reach for a donut.

I’ve been diligently working on a new addition to my program. I am so excited about it! Stay tuned for more details. Thanks for following along my journey!





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