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4 Elements That Must Be Included In Every Marketing Strategy

I am just now really thinking through my marketing strategy. Learning all that I can.

You know what is wild about learning new things?

You continue to learn about how much you DON’T know.

But it’s such a fun game. A learning game.

I am not a trained marketer.

Even if I was… I don’t know if how I would’ve been trained would even be relevant. It all changes so quickly.

Based off of my current marketing research… I’ve learned that there are 4 must-have elements:

  • Your target market (or your ‘list’)

Honestly – this has been the hardest part for me. I really believe GUIDE Culture is for everyone. I also know that if you’re talking to everyone you’re talking to no one.

When you have your target person, you can speak directly to them.

Think of yourself as being a speciality. I know if I am going to the doctor for a headache – I would rather go to a neuro specialist instead of a general doctor. Wouldn’t you?

  • Your 3 Uniques

When someone asks, ‘what makes you special?’

You (and your whole team) should be able to spill the exact same thing. What are the 3 things that set you apart?

  • Your Proven Process

Even if you don’t think you have a proven process, you do. I promise. 

Take what you teach or what you offer and put it in a process. It is way more professional and it feels like you have something that no one else does.  

  • Your Guarantee

I typically avoid absolute words… like guarantee. How can you GUARANTEE anything? It feels… untrustworthy.

But there is an exception here. People want to know that you believe in what you do so much, you’re willing to guarantee SOMETHING.

Personally, I don’t guarantee money back. Because, well, what I have is worth every single penny and then some. I will guarantee results – WHEN THE WORK HAS BEEN DONE. If all the steps have been taken, I can guarantee that you will see a shift in your life and your business.

Before you do anything else in terms of marketing – break this down so you can get clarity on who, exactly, you’re speaking to.

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