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3 Ways to Make Your Life Count

3 Ways to Make Your Life Count

I listened to a sermon by Louie Giglio on health. It was one of my favorites. He put my passion into words and I want to share the parts I think everyone should hear.

Did you know that 40-50% of health care costs are lifestyle related? Ummmm… what? If only people could see that their quality of life is held within their own hands… oh, how our lives would be so different! Our body is loaned to us by God. He has given us a miracle body – a miracle heart, miracle lungs, miracle eyes, miracle ears, miracle hands. Health is quite possibly the greatest gift apart from Christ. We are in control of how we use our body to honor Him.


Don’t waste your life. Don’t waste your health. Just, don’t. Here are 3 ways to start:

  • 1) Be serious about the steps needed to change our final destination.

    • “Direction, not intention, determines destination” – Andy Stanley

    • We scroll through Pintrest and look up “clean recipes” and “10 exercises for toned legs,” pin it to our Health & Fitness board, but never return to it. Where’s the action?

    • I’m not talking about making a HUGE change, I’m talking little changes. Small shifts to recalibrate your destination to health.

      • > More water

      • > Fewer late nights

      • > More sleep

      • > Less fast food

      • > More walks

      • > More planning

      • > More reading

      • > More investments made in yourself

    • Overtime, you will end up where you need to be. It’s about little changes over a long period of time. Otherwise, your changes will not last and your old habits will overpower your life again.

  • 2) Connect your healthy choices to God’s glory.

    • Have you ever prayed for God to help you get healthy? I have. I’ve asked Him to help me practice self discipline. I remember doing this as young as a 9th grader. As a 14 year old, I can’t say it was for His glory. I probably just wanted to look cute in my cheerleading uniform for the Friday night game.

    • Today, I will say that I am much better. I want to be healthy to live my purpose to the fullest… although, it is something I have to remind myself regularly. Of course I still want to look cute in my clothes for me and my husband, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I think God wants us to honor our spouse by taking care of ourselves. But, ultimately, I want to feel good and have energy to love on others well to further His kingdom.

    • What if you prayed something like this? – “God – help be get healthier for YOU. For me to grow your kingdom and for what you can do in me and through me.”

      • Your new mindset and goals would be something like this:

        • I want to have more energy so that I can be involved in what God wants me to do.

        • I want to live longer to reach more.

        • I want to look good so, when people ask, I have the opportunity to say that I am living my life well so that God can use me.

  • 3) Spiritual disciplines are mirrored by our physical disciplines.

    • When someone is out of shape physically, they’re probably out of shape spiritually.

      • You know how I know this? Because we are woven together by mind, body and spirit. God created us that way on purpose.

    • As a disclaimer: I don’t mean you need to be in body-building shape or “look” a certain way. Everyone is created different. When I say “physical shape” I am referring to someone who takes a 20 minute walk during their lunch break, or a little yoga video in the morning. I’m talking about someone that chooses wise food choices 80% of the time. Us ladies carry weight in different places and in weird ways. That’s ok! God created us differently, but he wants us to invest that time in ourselves.

So, girls, take action NOW. Your world doesn’t have to turn upside down, it can just be slightly tilted 15 degrees with small changes over a long period of time. Connect your choices to His glory and ask Him for help. He loves it when you lean on Him.

To get the entire sermon, go listen to Louie. “Don’t Waste Your Health” on the Passion App. (It’s free. And worth it.)

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