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3 Ways To Have A Rookie Mindset

I met someone. His name is Greg. We were attending the same meeting. He was in his 50’s and was clearly very accomplished. He was… different. We struck up a conversation about Instagram, marketing, etc. and he shared that he loves attending trainings on things like that.

… WHAT!? I had never heard of someone that age WITH an incredible track record talking about their love of Instagram. I said, “Greg, I have to be honest, I am really impressed by your venture in learning new things.”

He said, “Macy, the best mindset you can have is the mindset of a rookie. The people that are experienced and continue to live in the good old days will be quickly left behind. A rookie is hungry and eager to learn and grow.”

Wow. I was floored.

I started to think… what do rookies do? How can I ensure that I will continue to have this mindset throughout my career? I came up with 3 ways to make sure you stay in that rookie mindset. 

1. Ask for Feedback

When I think about a rookie, I think about a young player EAGER to be coached. Just waiting for someone to tell him what he could do to be better. Desperate to hear one tiny little thing he could improve on.

What if we all thought like that? Even the highest level of executives. What if they walked around so eager to hear feedback from people? That’s what I want to strive for.

2. Try New Things

I got an Instagram message from someone that said, “Macy! I am starting my real estate business. Where should I start? Instagram? Facebook? Email list? Youtube? Ads in the paper? Blog?”

My answer was simply, “yes.” Yes to all. Yes to everything. Try ALL THE THINGS. See what sticks, If nothing sticks, keep trying it all. If something starts to pick up a little, stick with that and grow until you can focus on the next, then the next, then the next. No matter what level you reach, if you find yourself saying, “well, we have always done _________.” STOP. Turn your rookie attitude on and try something else. 

3. Invest in Personal Development + Mentors

This year, I am on track to spend close to $20,000 on personal development. Honestly – it has already paid off. Between mentors and my mastermind and conferences, I have experienced massive growth. I once heard that one’s income does not exceed their personal development. As cheesy as this is, leaders are readers. It’s so true. Once, I was in a meeting with an executive and asked him what he was doing for personal development and he didn’t have an answer. I hate to say it, but it showed in the company’s culture. You’re never too young to start in personal development and you’re never too old to keep going.

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