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how to make your presentation memorable

3 Ways To Be Memorable In A Presentation

In April, we had the opportunity to share our sales content alongside the Ritz Carlton. We taught GUIDE Culture to 35 business owners. It was amazing!  

During our preparation, we continued to ask ourselves, “how can we make this incredibly memorable?”

Here is what we focused on:

1. Talk Triggers

Have you read the book Talk Triggers? If not, you should! Basically, it talks about different things you can do to have OTHER people market your business for you, because they had the best experience. Here are some examples:

  • Five Guys? Fries. They overload your bag with fries. That typically surprises people and they get excited to talk about it!

  • Chick-Fil-A? “My Pleasure.” It gives an amazing, feel-good, customer service.

  • GUIDE Culture talk trigger? Well, I think we have a few. A main one is GIFTS. At our in-person events, we give gifts and we give them often. What are the gifts, you ask? Welp. You’ll have to come to a training to find out! Learn more about our trainings here.

2. Collaboration

No one likes to sit and be talked ‘at’ all day long. We try to incorporate a lot of collaborating during the training. We make breaks and lunches purposeful with a collaborating task. We ensure everyone gets a chance to talk and practice their new skills. It helps get to know everyone, too!

3. Stories

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the teacher workbook she has been working on. It is very long, because there are multiple stories for each point. They build over time, but they are mostly Loy and Macy’s life experiences to build our case around the teaching points. If you can tell a story, you will be memorable – any person or any company. GUIDE Culture teaches that skill, too!

These things can be incorporated not only in your business, but also in your personal life and even in your family culture!

Do you have things you do to stand out and be memorable?

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