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3 Things To Look For When Dating

It’s no secret that my husband is an absolute UNICORN.

One of my most asked questions on Instagram is: “Does Austin have a brother?”

For the record, the answer is no. He has triplet sisters. Sorry, girls!

Today is our 4 year anniversary. I love so many things about him. The list goes on and on and on.

It’s funny, though – the things I love about him the most are different than the things I looked for when I was dating.

I am so passionate about who you marry. It’s huge. From the messages I get, it seems like I have quite a few single girls that follow me. I always want to scream from the rooftops “BE PATIENT. TRUST ME. IT’S SO WORTH IT.”

But, for now, I will share the top 3 things I love about Austin that I didn’t necessarily appreciate when we were dating:

1. Jesus

This was important to me when I was dating, but it was because everyone else said it was important. Now that I have been married to someone that has a growing relationship with Jesus, I understand why it is so huge. The way he leads our household, the way he respects me, loves me and serves me – it’s not a normal thing. Someone that knows Jesus treats their spouse like that. We stand on the same foundation and we find our worth in Christ. It’s our way of living and loving others. It’s our Good is Cool lifestyle.

2. Driven

His goals are no joke. He is the hardest worker I know. His motivation comes from deep within and it inspires me to keep pushing. People ask me all the time how I wake up so early and what motivates me. Honestly, it didn’t really start until about 6 months into our marriage. Watching him get the most out of each day motivates me to do the same.

3. Stable

Calm and predictable. He is as steady as they come. Every time he calls me or the garage door opens, I know exactly what to expect. No surprises. No emotional roller coasters. The same, sweet and loving man. The only time I have ever seen him panic is when we almost missed our flight to our honeymoon. After that, he has been the same each and every day and I am so thankful for that.

I knew he had these qualities, but I didn’t know how important they would be to me. If you’re dating, I know it’s so easy to go after the guy with the coolest job, the most money or the nicest car. I get it. All of those things are great attention getters. I challenge you, however, to look for these 3 qualities in someone as you are dating. And I bet you will find your unicorn husband, too!

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