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3 Things To Do In The Highs of Entrepreneurship

Everyone tells you what to do when things aren’t going so well. 

“Stay positive.” “Focus on what you have going good in your business” “Just keep going”

(all are very important and good things, by the way)

But what about when things are going well? What’s that all about? 


Would think that you just be happy and soak it in and celebrate? 

Feel like you’ve ‘made it’ and you can chill for a sec.

Plan to sleep in or maybe even take the next day off?

Maybe that’s what you do. And if it is – you deserve it. That’s awesome.

I’ve never really heard advice about when things are going good EXCEPT from my dad. And I have his voice in my head V V V OFTEN.

We had a really big day last week: november online sold out, (YEEEE), january in person sold out (YEEEEEEE) and we signed another business (TRIPLE YEEEE!)



But his voice was in my head saying: don’t get too high in the highs and too low in the lows. STAY STEADY.


Sometimes, that can get you distracted and off track. And, at the end of the day, there’s really no point in dwelling in the past – good or bad. Move forward, ALWAYS.

Here are three things I do to say grounded, keep my eyes ahead and stay STEADY:

#1) have a quick, dedicated moment to celebrate. For me it was a dinner with my husband. The purpose of the dinner was to have a celebration. When the dinner was over, I knew the celebration was done and it was time to move forward. 

#2) wake up and pretend like absolutely nothing happened. Same alarm clock, same deadlines, same gameday list. Honestly – erase it from your mind.

#3) ‘work even harder’ mentality. Cameron Hanes (he’s kinda hardcore, so you might not know who he is), says that ‘nobody cares, work harder.’ and it’s true. You care about an awesome accomplishment, which is exactly why you need to work even harder. People KINDA care… but not really. No need to look around to see who is cheering you on because (i don’t want to break it to you but it looks like I am going to have to…) they probably aren’t. And that’s okay! Let them watch from afar in amazement.

Keep working hard and STAY GROUNDED friends. Steady Eddy people WIN at life. Stay steady.

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