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3 Equally Important Things You Should Do To Be Improving Daily

There are 3 things we really believe are equally important. They are types of input and they need to be taken in daily.
1. Faith / Scripture
Loy and I were at Starbucks last week and I was sharing with him that I feel like I really need to learn the technical and financial side of business in order to scale. I’ve been a business owner for a short amount of time and I am not knowledgeable in most things. Typically, I go with my heart. It’s usually right.
He said something to me that I will never forget. He said, “I think we continue to focus on scaling the spirit of GUIDE Culture, rather than the business.” The spirit of GUIDE Culture is our ’tilt.’ It’s what sets us apart from the rest. The only way to scale the spirit is to continue to aggressively pursue our relationship with Jesus. We aren’t labeled a Christian organization. We strive to be a Christian organization. Nothing can be done without Jesus.
2. Personal Growth / Motivation
Personal growth gives you belief in yourself. It helps you become a doer. It helps you change your mindset. It helps you think differently. It helps you overcome self doubt. It helps you take action. You will be more readily available to be used by God if you focus on personal growth and development.
3. Communication Skills
Warren Buffet recently said that in order to double your self worth, hone your communication skills. I know why he said that. Because people are drawn to leaders that are good at communicating what they believe. It is easier to transfer that belief to other people. Sales is transferring belief. This is what gives leaders the ability to inspire people to buy-in to the vision, the life, the product – everything. It’s the most effective way to communicate.
When you are focused on all 3, you are unstoppable.

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